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The Special Session is specifically tailored to showcase the exemplary contributions selected through a rigorous review process, with a primary emphasis on the oral presentation of accepted papers. Esteemed researchers, scholars, and practitioners from diverse backgrounds will converge to deliver insightful presentations, offering a comprehensive exploration of the latest research findings, innovative methodologies, and thought-provoking insights related to the overarching themes of our conference. This session not only provides a platform for the authors to articulate their work in detail but also fosters a dynamic environment for engaging discussions and knowledge exchange. Join us in this Special Session to witness the forefront of research and contribute to the collective intellectual discourse that defines the essence of our conference.

Proposals for special session are welcome, please contact Dr.Haiteng Han , before Sept 1, 2024, at hanht@hhu.edu.cn

A special session proposal should include the following information:

  1. Title and around 300-word abstract of the proposed session.
  2. Suggested special session chairs, including names and affiliations.
  3. The authors and affiliations of 5-8 potential submissions.

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