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The panel session has been curated to delve into the latest hot topics, featuring expert-led discussions and presentations from prominent figures in the field. Esteemed specialists, each possessing a wealth of knowledge and experience, have been cordially invited to share their insights and address pressing questions in the electric power energy domain. This Panel Session promises an unparalleled opportunity for attendees to gain profound insights, engage in dynamic discussions, and foster a deeper understanding of the cutting-edge advancements and challenges shaping the future of electric power energy. Join us as we bring together the brightest minds in the field to navigate the evolving landscape of electric power, exploring solutions and innovations that will drive progress in this critical industry.

Proposals for panel session are welcome, please contact  Assoc. Prof. Yingjun Wu, before Sept 1, 2024, at

A panel session proposal should include the following information:

  1. Title and around 300-word abstract of the proposed session.
  2. Suggested panel sessionchairs, including names and affiliations.
  3. The authors and affiliations of 5-8 potential submissions.

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